Multigrain Flatbread/Taftton

This Flatbread  is made of Multigrain flour and topped with herbs and sesame seeds, if you wish to keep it more than two days, slice it, freeze it and warm up with oven or toaster.

You may use this bread as a pizza shell and make your pizza at home and the result is perfect.

Put one large spoon of pizza sauce on top of the bread, spread about 300gr Mozzarella cheese top of the sauce adds your favorite meat or veggie topping evenly over the cheese, preheat the oven @ 400 f and put your pizza for 15 min.

Pizza Shell

Wheat flour, Wole Wheat flour, Oat flour, Rye Flour, Oat bran, Water, Salt, Sugar, Oil, Yeast, Sesame Seeds.

Multigrain Taftton